5 tips for providing your designer with helpful feedback

If you’ve hired a professional graphic designer for your needs, congratulations! You made a great choice; we love what we do, and that will show in the work we do together. The best part about your decision is the ability to fully customize your design; you’ll leave with a product you’re 100% satisfied with. In order for this process to be successful though, there’s a few things we need from you as well:
1. Be honest
I can’t stress this one enough. Seriously, honesty IS the best policy. If you love something, great! But if you hate something, tell us. This is what we do for a living; you definitely won’t hurt our feelings 😉 What hurts more for us is feeling like you may not be completely satisfied with your end product.
2. Be thorough
I always tell my clients that there’s no such thing as too much information. If you want to write us paragraphs, send us photo references, quote poetry; it’s all relevant to us in creating an image of what you want.
3. Try to keep group decisions minimal
Design, like most art forms, is subjective. Definitely ask your partner or your friends for their opinions; but just remember, this is YOUR design. Hearing something like, “I love the font, but my mom isn’t sure about it” can be confusing for us. The most important thing is that you are happy with your final product.
4. Ask us for our professional opinion
Not sure if something’s working? Can’t think of any suggestions? Ask us! This is what we’re here for, and is another huge benefit to hiring a professional designer. We are more than happy to provide our thoughts and opinions, and it makes us seriously happy when you trust us.
5. Understand that good design is a process
All good things take time; it’s rare something with be 100% perfect the first try. Revisions are a huge part of what we do, and  customizing your design will most likely take a few of these.
So to summarize; communication! Talk to us, be specific, and have fun with it; this is your logo, your poster, your website and you are definitely stoked to see it coming together. Enjoy the design process- we definitely do.